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The shape of Australia’s post-COVID-19 workforce

The NSC’s new report The shape of Australia’s post COVID-19 workforce publishes two major NSC research projects – development of a resilient occupations framework and analysis of four recovery scenarios.

Forecasting, skills and analysis

The National Skills Commission will identify current and emerging skills needs and develop nowcasting capability to understand the state of the labour market in almost real-time. 

We will use data from the Jobs and Education Data Infrastructure (JEDI) project to develop and publish new insights and produce tools to help individuals, businesses, education providers and policy makers adapt to the changing labour market. 

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Labour market and workforce analysis

We are monitoring, researching and analysing developments in the labour market at an industry, occupation and regional level. We are taking a bigger picture view and considering how movements in the labour market will impact jobs in the future. Our work explores the impact labour market developments are having on the long-term unemployed, youth and the underemployed. We are sharing our data, research and insights through the Labour Market Information Portal, Job Outlook website, and our highly regarded Australian Jobs publication.

VET pricing and performance

The National Skills Commission will help ensure that the pricing of VET qualifications reflects quality training. This will help promote quality teaching and create job ready candidates.

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