1.2 A pillar of JEDI

The Classification is a pillar of JEDI, an NSC flagship project. Data from the Classification enables JEDI to compare the skills in one occupation to another. This capacity allows JEDI to work as the data engine behind some Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) job matching tools. 

Better skills identification is only one factor in more efficient job matching, but it can encourage greater skills utilisation and occupational mobility. Research indicates job seekers have higher interview rates when they broaden their job search and include seemingly unrelated jobs that use similar skills. However, data from the Australian Taxation Office reveals that, while pathways into new occupations or industries are possible, most workers tend to transition to similar occupations when moving jobs.

Some DESE tools, including Job Switch, use JEDI to make it easier for job seekers to identify their skills and see how these skills can be transferred to other occupations, potentially with additional training. The information and advice available through these tools will be further refined following feedback on the Classification.