3.1 O*NET data and the adaptation to Australian Skill Classification

The NSC considered different existing classifications with the following key principles to develop the skill classification:

  • could be adapted for the Australian context
  • is data driven
  • would identify skills that are transferable across occupations
  • is comprehensive
  • identifies trending skills
  • is dynamic.

Among those existing classifications, the American classification O*NET stood out with these principles.

O*NET is a rich database containing information on all American occupations through annual surveys of American workers since 2000.

To adapt O*NET data to the Australian occupation classification, we first developed a mapping system between O*NET occupations (the Standard Occupational Classifications (SOC) used in the United States) and the ANZSCO occupations (the Australian and New Zealand standard classification of occupations).

By borrowing from O*NET and mapping to ANZSCO using the concordance table, we then developed a structured skill classification, describing job requirements for the ANZSCO occupations.