Introduction Angela Ball Wed, 08/19/2020 - 14:44

How new skills are changing Australian jobs

The way we work is changing.

We are more connected than ever before – able to work, negotiate and trade with people across the country and the globe. Technology is also continuously advancing – changing the way we do business, introducing global competition, and automating or altering parts of our jobs.

As the way we work changes, skill requirements also evolve.

The National Skills Commission (NSC) has developed a data-driven approach to identify emerging occupations within Australia. By identifying emerging skills and looking at how these skills change existing jobs, we are able to identify emerging or new jobs in the labour market.

By monitoring emerging jobs along with other information sources on Australia’s labour market, the work of the NSC can help ensure Australians are equipped with the right tools and skills for emerging jobs, and help build the skilled, resilient and adaptable workforce we need now, and for years to come.