Clerical and Administrative Workers

The Clerical and Administrative Workers graphic shows 28% of jobs are regional. 10% of workers are aged 15 to 24 years. 13% of workers are self-employed.

The Clerical and Administrative Workers graphic shows 27% of workers hold a bachelor degree or higher. 30% of workers hold a certificate 3 or higher qualification. 6% of workers hold an other qualification. 37% of workers do not hold a post-school qualification.

Clerical and Administrative Workers provide support to businesses by organising, storing, manipulating and retrieving information. Employment is spread widely across industries but most jobs are likely to be office-based.

Top employing occupations

General Clerks
Accounting Clerks
Contract, Program and Project Administrators
Office Managers
Purchasing and Supply Logistics Clerks
Information Officers
Keyboard Operators
Bank Workers
Personal Assistants
Couriers and Postal Deliverers
Payroll Clerks
Inspectors and Regulatory Officers
Transport and Despatch Clerks
Insurance, Money Market and Statistical Clerks
Call or Contact Centre Workers
Credit and Loans Officers
Practice Managers

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There are opportunities in this group for workers who do not hold post-school qualifications, with more than a third of this group not having completed further study. Around one in five Inquiry Clerks and Receptionists are aged 15 to 24 years old, indicating this occupation is suited for job seekers looking for entry level positions.

This workforce is mainly female, with women accounting for 73% of these workers. Within this group, though, there is some variation, with women making up 95% of Personal Assistants and Secretaries but only 33% of Clerical and Office Support Workers.

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