Data collection and privacy


The NSC sits with the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (the department). The department, its employees, contractors and agents, are subject to the Privacy Act 1988 (the Privacy Act) and to the requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act. The department’s privacy page can be found at: and includes information on how your personal information is handled.

What was the process and method for selecting RTOs to participate in this study?

The NSC commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to develop a sample based on key RTO characteristics such as provider type, size and geography. A quality benchmark may also be applied to identify appropriate providers to sample.

What type of data and information will be collected from RTOs?

RTOs will be asked to provide data and information relevant to the cost of their delivery of VET qualifications. This includes qualification-specific costs and other costs, such as central and capital costs that are allocated to a qualification. RTOs will also be asked to provide information on levels of training activity by qualification and information on student cohorts and the costs of any specific programs provided to those cohorts.

RTOs will also be asked to provide information about the costs associated with delivering a range of VET courses in regional, rural and remote locations. This will allow the NSC to produce price estimates that take account of the varying costs of delivering training to different cohorts of students, in different locations and in different modes. The NSC will take into account choice and access to VET across regional, rural and remote Australia in particular in its efficient price framework. Wherever possible, NSC and Deloitte Access Economics will attempt to pre-fill data to minimise the response burden on RTOs.

How will RTO data and information be used?

Deloitte Access Economics will only use the data and information provided by RTOs for the purpose of supporting the NSC to develop efficient prices for current VET qualifications. Deloitte Access Economics will provide the NSC with the original data provided by RTOs and aggregated or additional analysis conducted by Deloitte Access Economics.

The NSC complies with all relevant provisions of the Privacy Act 1998 and Australian Privacy Principles.

If you have any questions about the confidentiality of RTO information and data collected in the study, please email

Will the study affect current funding levels?

The purpose of this study is not to achieve a particular funding outcome, but to establish a robust nationally consistent efficient price framework based on the cost of high quality VET delivery. The approach underpinning this study emphasises that an efficient price is not necessarily the lowest price. It is the price that provides a quality outcome for the student, for industry and for government. Currently, state and territory governments set their own subsidy rates and fee arrangements. The information from the study will be shared with the Australian Government and state and territory governments.

Will the study be made publicly available?

Decisions about the public release of information will be made by the NSC. The NSC complies with all relevant provisions of the Privacy Act 1998 and Australian Privacy Principles.

If you have any questions about the publication of study results, please email the NSC at