Guiding principles

In order to identify the emerging occupations, four guiding principles were followed:

  1. Data driven: the NSC used Burning Glass Technologies data, O*NET (the American occupation classification) and ANZSCO to identify emerging occupations. The NSC then validated and created profiles for these emerging occupations using microdata from the ABS Labour Force survey and the ABS Employee Earnings and Hours survey.
  2. ANZSCO based: the emerging occupations align with the ABS concept of an occupation and reflect occupations that are not currently part of ANZSCO.
  3. Critical mass: the emerging occupations must occur frequently enough in job advertisements to be classified as new occupations (at least 100 job advertisements over the last 5 years).
  4. Substantially different: the emerging occupations must not be alternate titles of existing occupations or a ‘strict subset’ of existing occupations. For example, a cyber‑security expert shares enough similar tasks with an ICT security specialist that we consider this is an alternate title for this occupation, rather than a substantially different emerging occupation.