Impact of COVID-19 on emerging occupations

The current COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for businesses to change their service offerings and adapt to new technology to keep them connected, working safely, and operational. For example, restaurants are now selling ingredients online; gyms have introduced on-demand fitness apps; and distilleries and manufacturers have changed from their usual production to make essential items like hand sanitiser, medical equipment and PPE.

The NSC has been monitoring the impacts COVID-19 has had on emerging occupations and found they were not immune to economic shock.

From February to July 2020, emerging occupations in the Data Analytics, Digital Deepening and Emerging Business categories followed a similar pattern to all job advertisements during this time (Figure 4). While these jobs are relatively more digital and could potentially be done remotely, they may be in companies and industries impacted by COVID-19 isolation regulations (for example, those that rely heavily on international trade, consumer spending, or those affected by broad industry shutdowns).

Figure 4: Impacts of COVID-19 on demand for emerging occupations

Figure 4: Impacts of COVID-19 on demand for emerging occupations

Source: Burning Glass Technologies, NSC analysis