Australia's emerging skills

Australia's emerging skills

Understanding the changing nature of jobs is one way of ensuring we have the right skills, not just now, but into the future. One way to examine how jobs are changing is to look for skills that are emerging or trending. Emerging skills are those showing up in jobs for the first time in the last five years. Trending skills are ones we already know about, but have grown in importance over the last five years.

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Data and digital skills are the fastest growing emerging skills

Our research shows that data and digital skills are the fastest growing emerging skills. These include skills such as software orchestration/automation, artificial intelligence, data analysis, cyber security and online marketing. Many emerging and trending skills help people transfer from one job to another. For example, data analysis skills are used in many occupations in IT, business, analytics, science and research. The diagram below shows the areas of specialisation someone with data analysis skills could consider.

Gateway skill map for data analysis skills

Source: NSC analysis

The growth of cutting-edge digital skills

An analysis of the global digital skills market provides an indication of how Australia is faring relative to other countries. By examining skills that are emerging or growing rapidly in other countries we can also better understand potential developments in our own jobs market.

As part of our analysis, we identified a group of cutting-edge digital skills which have grown rapidly in recent years. We found a similar pattern of demand across Australia and the US, but the demand for cutting edge skills in Singapore outstrips those of both countries, particularly for cyber security.

The charts below show the demand for cutting-edge skills in Australia and Singapore.




Given the importance of digital skills to future jobs, understanding these trends will play an important role in identifying emerging and future skills needs.