August 2020 Vacancy Report now available

August 2020 Vacancy Report now available

The number of online job advertisements has increased according to the August Vacancy Report released by the National Skills Commission (NSC).

Across the three jobs boards monitored by the NSC, in seasonally adjusted terms, there were 133,400 newly lodged online job advertisements in August 2020, a 1.3% increase over the month.

Recruitment activity in Victoria fell a further 7.5% during August due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. This being said, the state has so far proved more resilient through current restrictions with 9,600 more jobs advertised in August 2020 compared to the series low in April 2020.

Although the national IVI has decreased by 19.5% over the year, job advertisements increased in Western Australia (up 10.6%), South Australia (10.2%) and Tasmania (1.9%) during this period. Recruitment activity in Western Australia and South Australia now exceed pre COVID-19 levels.

Despite the number of job advertisements for Machinery Operators and Drivers and Labourers falling in August 2020, recruitment activity for these occupation groups now exceed pre COVID-19 levels. Over the year, recruitment activity increased by 6.5% for Machinery Operators and Drivers and 1.9% for Labourers

The Vacancy Report, which is published monthly, summarises the latest trends in the Internet Vacancy Index (IVI). The IVI analyses newly lodged Australian job advertisements on three job boards – SEEK, CareerOne and Australian JobSearch – to further explore opportunities in the labour market at a detailed occupational and regional level.

View the full Vacancy Report here.

The National Skills Commission would like to thank the following job boards for their contribution to the Vacancy Report:                                    

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