Australian Skills Classification expanded

Australian Skills Classification expanded

The Australian Skills Classification, the go-to source for defining and discovering the skills that underpin jobs in Australia, has been updated.

Since the Classification was launched 12 months ago, the NSC has worked with many industry stakeholders to continue to refine, improve and expand it.

In its latest release, Australian Skills Classification 2.0, over 500 skills profiles for occupations have been added, bringing the total number to 1100.

Over 1000 flags for trending and emerging digital skills that are growing in demand or new to particular occupations have also been added.

National Skills Commissioner Adam Boyton said, “More and more, employers, workers, education providers and policy makers are recognising that skills are the real currency of the labour market.

“The Australian Skills Classification transforms occupations into skills. This means we can not only identify the jobs in demand across the economy, but also the skills that are in demand across the economy – as shown in our December 2021 report, The State of Australia’s Skills.”

“The Classification also enables stakeholders to consider new skills-based approaches to workforce and talent strategies, learning and development, and policy.”

The skills of emerging occupations like Digital Marketing Analyst, Respiratory Scientist and DevOps Engineer are now included in the Classification.

“We’ve also incorporated specialist roles that are growing in importance in the labour market, like Solar Installer and Wind Turbine Technician,” Mr Boyton said.

Other enhancements include greater coverage of occupations with VET pathways and alignment with the structure of Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO).