Career Journeys: Cloud solutions architect

Career Journeys: Cloud solutions architect

Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect, Angela Cibiras, sits in front of her workstation computer.

Career journeys and continued learning can lead to jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago, and Angela Cibiras’s journey is a prime example.

Angela works as a Cloud Solutions Architect for Microsoft, which involves designing and implementing Data and Analytics solutions on the Azure Cloud Platform.

“I work with customers to understand the value they wish to get out of their data, and to identify the tools they need to enable that to happen. This ranges from exploring the strategic goals of the organisation, down to understanding individual reporting requirements.”

Angela was inspired into her career pathway through diverse training that provided new ways of thinking and working. Angela’s training included studying for a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Business Analytics.

“The engineering degree has helped with systems thinking, and the business analytics degree was where I really started to learn about advanced analytics methods including AI and Machine Learning.

“These technical components have been invaluable to my current role as they provided me with the foundation to learn the latest technologies and understand how they are used.

“I was also a business analyst in a previous role, where I learnt how corporate organisations operate, particularly with large transformation programs. This has been a vital skill, as I work with organisations that are undertaking transformation programs as they move to the cloud.”

Angela says it is common for people to find their way into data analytics through diverse career journeys, like her own. “Since this is an emerging field, the people who I work with come from an assorted array of backgrounds. Some have come from academia, some have been industry specialists for 30 years in their fields, and others only entered the industry five years ago. There is always something to learn from those around you based on their experiences.”

The field of data analytics continues to evolve and grow, associated with growth in data and data-driven decision making. The National Skills Commission has identified data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, data architects and pricing analysts to be emerging occupations in the Data Analytics cluster of occupations.

For those considering a career in data analytics, Angela says the field will continue to grow, particularly now as more organisations are becoming data driven and accelerating the digitisation of their operations.

“It is an exciting and fast-paced industry and you need to keep on top of all the new technologies and best practices, which requires dedication,” she said.

“A key skill in this industry is being able to bring data and insights to life so that people can make meaningful decisions. This involves having trustworthy data and the ability to communicate effectively across audiences. I believe having these communication skills will be valuable in a variety of roles and will remain vital as the roles and the industry continue to evolve.”