Class of 2020: the Australian Jobs Yearbook

Class of 2020: the Australian Jobs Yearbook

Australian Jobs is the NSC’s yearly analysis of labour market information and industry trends for those considering future training and work. It is a simple to use digital publication offering meaningful insights such as the identification of industries and jobs most in demand, and the qualification levels most likely to be required by these areas, to inform career choices.

The 2020 overview has been designed to support and inform those seeking new career opportunities, leaving school, or those interested in labour market data trends—by location, industry and occupation, such as career advisors and data analysts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant impact on the Australian labour market, and the release date of this publication was delayed to ensure it contained data and advice relevant to job seekers and those looking to change careers as we enter the COVID-19 recovery phase.

When reading by location, users can find the top employing industries by state or territory. For example, in all Australian States the top employing industry is Health Care and Social Assistance while for both the Territories the top employing industry is Public Administration and Safety. In informing career choices, this may assist job seekers in determining what skills and qualifications they may need based on the top employing industries where they live.

When reading by industry, users can identify how viable a career might be, the qualification level commonly required by that industry, and the occupations that fall within that industry. In Health Care and Social Assistance, the data shows that demand continues to grow, more than 80% of workers have a post-school qualification, and the top employing occupations in this industry include carers.

When reading by occupation, users can gain insights into trends of specific occupations. In the Community and Personal Service Workers occupations list (which includes Health Care and Social Assistance), the data shows that carers and aides are the top employing occupations, with over 50% of all these workers holding a certificate III or post-school qualification, that more than 80% of these workers are female, and 60% work part-time.

Australian Jobs pulls together data from a range of sources including the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Commission’s own research, the Department of Education, Skills and Employment and the National Centre for Vocational Education Research. To explore Australian Jobs 2020, view the digital version or download the PDF.