Connecting with jobs in your region

Connecting with jobs in your region

Through Jobs Hub, people can also find the latest vacancies and contact details for more than 300 employers, connect to online jobs boards, and access industry specific career information for the Care and Defence sectors.

The NSC powers the ‘Jobs in demand by location’ tool using data and analysis from the Jobs and Education Data Infrastructure, or JEDI, project to identify what skills from a person’s current or previous employment can transferred to different jobs.

Using data science, JEDI is pioneering a new approach to skills-based labour market analysis. Using a common language to link jobs to education and training, JEDI combines traditional and near real time data and uses data science techniques to identify transferable skills and how skills are changing in the labour market.

Using this data-driven approach, the NSC has also identified emerging skills, how these skills have changed existing jobs and identified emerging or new jobs in the Australian labour market.

The NSC will continue to provide useful insights for job seekers, employers, educational institutions, researchers and policy makers throughout the economic recovery from COVID-19 and for years to come.

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