The first national collection of VET fees and subsidies

The first national collection of VET fees and subsidies

VET benchmark

New analysis by the National Skills Commission confirms there is substantial variation in prices, fees and subsidies for vocational education and training (VET) qualifications across Australia.

The development of the average price benchmarks database forms a starting point from which to understand the variability in VET qualification pricing nationally for government subsidised qualifications. This is the first step in the pathway to developing more nationally consistent prices for government-subsidised VET courses.

This study was undertaken from March to August 2020 with input from States and Territories and assistance from Deloitte Access Economics. The database contains more than 17,000 observations of subsidy, fees and/or prices for government funded qualifications and skillsets. Both publicly available information on subsidies, fees and prices, and data sourced through engagement with state and territory agencies were used in the construction of the database.

The analysis focuses on the top 50 qualifications (defined as qualifications with the largest number of enrolments in 2018).

The next stage of developing a national VET pricing framework is to understand more about the costs of delivery. To do so, the NSC is engaging with a representative sample of RTOs to collect cost information at qualification level. Efficient prices will be developed based on the efficient cost of delivery for a required quality standard, with allowance for an appropriate return on investment.  Information on current VET prices, subsidies and fees will be useful throughout this process, providing a baseline comparison.

The report is available here.