Location a key reason for recruitment difficulty

Location a key reason for recruitment difficulty

Data from the National Skills Commission’s Recruitment Experiences and Outlook Survey has found that 2020 was the first time that employers in areas outside of capital cities more frequently had recruitment difficulty than their capital city counterparts.

The report, Trends in vacancies and recruitment in Capital Cities and Rest of State areas, provides a detailed analysis on businesses’ recruitment experiences across the COVID-19 disruption, based on data collected directly from business surveys dating back to 2016.

National Skills Commissioner Adam Boyton said “Recruitment difficulty in 2020 told a very different story to anything we have seen before in our survey. For the first time, employers in capital cities more frequently had difficulty recruiting than those outside of a capital.”

In areas outside of capitals – known as Rest of State areas – around half of recruiting employers had difficulty filling their vacancies in 2020.

Employers who reported recruitment difficulty were asked the reasons for their difficulty, with employers able to provide multiple answers. By far the two most common reasons mentioned by employers were a general lack of applicants (37%), and a lack of suitable applicants (35%). Other reasons included: applicants lacking technical skills (15%), COVID-19 impacting recruitment (11%), applicants lacking experience (10%) and the location of the business (9%).

Mr Boyton said, “The reason for the increased prevalence of recruitment difficulty in Rest of State areas is not clear cut. However, given the enormous changes to the way people are working since COVID-19 and the closure of international borders, there is quite a different picture emerging between regional and capital city employment.

“The NSC will continue its work to further monitor and define these trends with the goal of effectively aligning skills needs experienced by businesses with job ready employees.”

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