NCI info kit for school leavers

NCI info kit for school leavers

Committed to assisting 2020 school leavers take their next step, the National Careers Institute (NCI) has published a School Leavers Information Kit ‘Your Career: What’s Next for You?’ designed to explain the world of possibilities for career and study. 

The Kit provides insights into:

  • Options for further training and education.
  • Training and short-term education options to assist in building on your current skills.
  • Work experience and volunteering opportunities. 
  • Information on starting your own business.
  • Financial assistance available from the Government to help achieve your goals.

To assist in using the Kit, Your Career also holds information about how young people can reach the School Leavers Information Service. The Service can help school leavers use the Kit, the Your Career website, and provide further career support, where needed.

To access the Kit and Service, visit:

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