New skills are changing Australian jobs

New skills are changing Australian jobs

As a part of National Skills Week 2020, the National Skills Commission (NSC) has released a list of emerging occupations that could offer a new pathway for those wanting to reskill or find new employment.

The list of 25 emerging occupations includes jobs which have been emerging for some years, like data analysts and research assistants, and also some new roles that require new skills, like DevOps engineers. The list also includes respiratory therapists and logistics analysts, roles which have been increasingly valuable during the pandemic.

Interim National Skills Commissioner, Adam Boyton, stated that this data and analysis showed why it’s important to think outside the box when it comes to planning Australia’s workforce post COVID-19.

“Over the past decade Australia’s labour market has undergone large-scale structural shifts as we see traditional roles morph into those that simply have not existed previously.”

 “This report helps us better understand those emerging occupations, and their skills needs, which will in turn help build the skilled, resilient and adaptable workforce needed both now, and into the future,” said Mr Boyton.

Powering the list of emerging occupations is JEDI, or the Jobs and Educations Infrastructure project, a data engine that uses a common language to link jobs to education and training. JEDI combines traditional and near real time data and uses data science techniques to identify transferable skills and how skills are changing in the labour market.

By using a data-driven approach the NSC has identified emerging skills, looked at how these skills have changed existing jobs and then identified emerging or new jobs in the Australian labour market. The occupations identified are significantly different from those currently recognised in the standard classification system.

The NSC will continue to provide useful insights for job seekers, employers, educational institutions, researchers and policy makers throughout the economic recovery from COVID-19 and for years to come.

The full list of emerging occupations is available here.