December 2020 Vacancy Report now available

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The latest release of the Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) shows the eighth consecutive month of job advertisement growth, with a total of 171,500 job advertisements newly added in December. Job advertisements have increased by 1.4% or 2,300 job advertisements over the month to stand 11.1% or 17,100 advertisements higher than the same time last year.

December 2020 results represent a continuation of the month on month recovery in recruitment activity observed since April 2020 (the all-time low point in the IVI series). The data also reveals job advertisements exceed pre-COVID-19 levels in all states and territories except New South Wales and Victoria.

Over the month, recruitment activity increased in all states and territories except for Victoria. South Australia recorded the strongest increase over the month, up by 6.3% or 560 job advertisements, followed by the Northern Territory up by 5.7% or 110 job advertisements and the ACT up by 4.3% or 240 job advertisements.

Despite Victoria’s fall over the month, down by 2.7% or 1,100 job advertisements, recruitment activity remains above its recorded level a year ago – having increased by 2.0% or 820 job advertisements.

Regional areas also continue to experience strong job advertisement growth. Job advertisements in Dubbo and Western NSW more than doubled over the year, up by 103.3% or 670 job advertisements, followed by NSW North Coast up by 76.4% or 1,400 job advertisements, and Tamworth and North West NSW up by 72.0% or 340 job advertisements.

The jobs leading this increased requirement activity across the country include Labourers, which recorded the strongest monthly growth of 6.3% or 820 job advertisements, followed by Machinery Operators and Drivers up by 3.0% or 290 job advertisements, Professionals up by 1.4% or 690 job advertisements, Technicians and Trades Workers up by 1.4% or 340 job advertisements, and Community and Personal Service Workers up by 1.4% or 240 job advertisements.

Over the year Labourers recorded the strongest growth of all major occupational groups, up by 55.1% or 4,900 job advertisements. The six detailed occupations in the Labourers group all recorded an increase in job advertisements over the year. The strongest increase was recorded by Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers up by 118.5% or 620 job advertisements, followed by Cleaners and Laundry Workers up by 100.9% or 1,500 job advertisements, Food Preparation Assistants up by 60.4% or 520 job advertisements, Construction and Mining Labourers up by 41.4% or 410 job advertisements, and Other Labourers[1] up 36.0% or 1,300 job advertisements.

[1] Other Labourers includes Labourers not elsewhere classified, such as Freight Handlers and Shelf Fillers.

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December 2020 Vacancy Report – 20 January 2021

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