Fall in online job advertisements in June 2021

Preliminary results for the National Skills Commissions Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) show online job advertisements fell by 0.5% (or 1,200 advertisements) in June 2021 to stand at 241,900.This is the first month-on-month fall in national recruitment activity since job advertisements started recovering from the COVID-19 low point observed in April 2020.

Despite the decline observed over June 2021, recruitment activity is nearly double the level reported in June 2020, up by 96.3% (118,700 job advertisements). Recruitment activity also remains higher than pre-COVID-19 levels*, up by 43.8% (73,700 job advertisements).    

Over the month, job advertisements declined across four jurisdictions. Victoria recorded the strongest decrease (down by 4.7%), followed by Queensland (1.2%), Northern Territory (0.7%) and Western Australia (0.2%).

Four jurisdictions recorded growth in job advertisements between May and June 2021. ACT recorded the strongest increase (up by 3.9%), followed by Tasmania (1.3%). New South Wales (0.9%) and South Australia (0.3%).

The detailed release of the IVI, including occupational, regional and skill level data, will be available on Wednesday 21 July 2021.

*Pre-COVID-19 job advertisement levels are defined as the 12-month average in the seasonally adjusted IVI series to February 2020.