January 2021 Vacancy Report now available

This story was first published on Friday 19 February 2021. If you wish to use this content, please contact media@skillscommission.gov.au to confirm that the information is still current.

The latest release of the Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) shows the ninth consecutive month of job advertisement growth, with a total of 175,100 job advertisements newly added in January 2021. The level of new job advertisements has increased by 1.6% or 2,800 over the month, and now stands 11.1% or 17,500 job advertisements higher than the same time last year.

The data also reveals job advertisements now exceed pre-COVID-19 levels in all states and territories except New South Wales and Victoria.

Over the month, recruitment activity increased in four states and both territories. Western Australia recorded the strongest increase up by 6.4% or 1,300 job advertisements, followed by Queensland up by 2.4% or 850 job advertisements, and Victoria up by 1.8% or 740 job advertisements.

Over the year, job advertisements increased in all states and both territories, with Tasmania recording the strongest increase in recruitment activity, up by 36.6% or 550 job advertisements.

Job advertisements also increased in January across four of the five skill level groups. The largest monthly increase was recorded for Skill Level 4 occupations (equal to a Certificate II or III), with job advertisements up by 1,300 or 2.8%. The only recorded decrease was for Skill Level 2 (commensurate with a Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualification), down by 0.1%; however, over the year recruitment activity for occupations with this Skill Level has seen an overall increase of 7.3%.

Technician and Trades Workers saw the strongest increase in job advertisements of the broad occupational groups over the month, up by 4.5%, followed by Machinery Operators and Drivers up by 4.1%, and Community and Personal Service Workers up by 2.9%. The only decline over the month was recorded for Professionals, down by 0.1% or 50 job advertisements.

Over the year, Labourers, Machinery Operators and Drivers, and Community and Personal Service Workers continue to experience the largest growth in job advertisements.