Labourers jobs in demand right now

This story was first published on Thursday 24 December 2020. If you wish to use this content, please contact to confirm that the information is still current.

Recruitment activity for Labourers has shown strong growth over recent months, up by 133.0% or 7,500 job advertisements since its series low point in April 2020.

Our latest detailed Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) release shows a continuation of the strong recovery in recruitment activity. Over the month of November 2020, job advertisements increased by 12,300 or 7.8% nationally to stand at 169,900. Over the year to November 2020, job advertisements increased by 17,100 or 11.2%. 

The strongest growth amongst occupations over the year can be seen for Labourers, up by 46.3% since November 2019 (or 4,200 job advertisements). Nationally, there were 13,200 job advertisements for Labourers in November 2020.

This increased recruitment activity for Labourers is particularly evident in Queensland and Western Australia, with job advertisements in those states reaching their highest levels in 8 years.

At the more detailed occupational level (ANZSCO 2-digit groups), the occupations driving the growth for Labourers include Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers (up by 81.0% or 450 job advertisements over the year), Cleaners and Laundry Workers (71.2% or 1,100 job advertisements), Food Preparation Assistants (51.8% or 480 job advertisements), Other Labourers1 (41.7% or 1,400 job advertisements) and Construction and Mining Labourers (33.3% or 330 job advertisements).

High levels of recruitment activity for Labourers presents job seekers with many entry level opportunities, as employment in this occupational group generally requires less formal education or professional qualifications.

[1] Other Labourers includes Labourers not elsewhere classified, such as Freight Handlers and Shelf Fillers.

graph demonstrating labourer job advertisements are the highest in two years from Nov2018 to Nov2020
Table listing all types of labourers and the number of their respective job vacancies and its related growth for Nov2020

[2] Note: Seasonally adjusted data are non-additive.