LMIP Tableau Public Channel update

This story was first published on Tuesday 20 October 2020. If you wish to use this content, please contact media@skillscommission.gov.au to confirm that the information is still current.

In considering how the NSC can better share data with our users in a timely and insightful way, we have experimented with new visualisations on the Labour Market Information Portal Tableau Public Channel (LMIP).  We recognise that some people like to dig deeper and find out more about what is happening in the labour market, and through our new visualisations this is now possible. 

The NSC has published a new Industry and Occupation quarterly employment update dashboard on the LMIP Tableau Public Channel. This interactive dashboard allows you to explore detailed trends for industry sectors and occupations from the ABS Labour Force Survey employment dataset.

The new dashboard makes it easy to see where available job opportunities are and how this changes over time. It can also answer your own specific labour market questions, such as:

  • How did the recovery in employment seen in the August 2020 quarter data vary across all States/Territories?
  • What sectors contributed most to the growth in Retail Trade employment observed nationally over the August 2020 quarter?
  • Has employment for occupations significantly affected by COVID-19 restrictions, such as Waiters, bounced back over the August 2020 quarter? 

The LMIP Tableau Public Channel hosts other visualisations that offer unique insights into the Australian Labour Market.

Some of these visualisations are experimental and are not currently suited to viewing on mobile/tablet devices, so should be viewed on a desktop computer for best results.

  • Occupation Skills Spiderweb: This visualisation plots the skill levels of 12 common skills from our occupation data across all detailed occupations (ANZSCO 6-digit level), on a spider chart. Users can explore the importance of different skills to their occupation of interest. This visualisation is aimed at helping people understand the skills associated with different occupations and how these skills may be transferable to new jobs.  
  • Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) Insights: We update this visualisation monthly with new IVI data, offering users headline results and analysis that can be filtered by State/Territory. The visualisation also contains a tree map highlighting the largest recruiting occupations within the given region over the previous month. The IVI Insights page is designed to complement the latest IVI results from the monthly Vacancy Report.

If these visualisations are helpful or could be improved to better meet your information needs, we would appreciate you taking the time to complete a short survey (approximately 5 minutes).