NSC research on risks to businesses

This story was first published on Friday 17 July 2020. If you wish to use this content, please contact media@skillscommission.gov.au to confirm that the information is still current.

The National Skills Commission’s recent survey of businesses across Australia has shown that another COVID-19 outbreak was the biggest risk to businesses staying open over the next 6 months.

Over the three weeks to 10 July, 50% of businesses said another COVID-19 outbreak was the biggest risk, followed by 30% responding that the biggest risk to staying open for the next six months was an employee contracting COVID-19, and 25% responded with Government restrictions.

The survey found that businesses in the Accommodation and Food Services and Health Care and Social Assistance industries most commonly reported another COVID-19 outbreak as being a big risk to their business staying open (68% and 66% respectively), compared with 32% of businesses in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services. Just under half (47%) of businesses in Accommodation and Food Services reported the impositions of Government restrictions as a risk to staying open, a much higher proportion compared with other industries.

Reflecting the surge in COVID-19 cases in Melbourne, businesses in Victoria were much more likely than the rest of Australia to consider an employee contracting COVID-19 (44% in Victoria, 27% across Australia) and Government restrictions (35% in Victoria, 22% across Australia) as risks to their business staying open.

For more information on the Impacts of COVID-19 on businesses survey, or this report, email RecruitmentAnalysis@skillscommission.gov.au. Previous editions of this report are available on the Labour Market Information Portal.