Online job ads decrease in July 2022

Online job ads decrease in July 2022

Job advertisements measured by the Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) decreased in July, the first recorded monthly fall in 2022. It follows six consecutive monthly increases from January 2022 to June 2022. In seasonally adjusted terms, job advertisements decreased by 3.8% (or 11,200) in July 2022 to stand at 288,500.

Recruitment activity decreased across all states and territories during July 2022. The sharpest decline was recorded in the Northern Territory, where recruitment activity fell by 8.2% (or 260 job ads), followed by Victoria (down by 7.8% or 6,200 job ads) and the Australian Capital Territory (down by 6.0% or 490 job ads). The smallest decline in job advertisements was recorded in South Australia (down by 0.8% or 120 job ads).

Despite the fall in July 2022, there has been strong growth in recruitment activity in the last twelve months, with job advertisements 24.5% (or 56,700 job ads) higher than July 2021.

In comparison to levels of recruitment activity observed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, online job advertisements are up by 71.4% (120,200 job ads). This growth is reflected across all jurisdictions, with increases ranging from 31.2% (1,800 job ads) in the ACT to 139.8% (2,500 job ads) in Tasmania.

The detailed release of the IVI, including occupational, regional and skill level data, will be available on Wednesday 24 August 2022.