Online job ads increase strongly again

Online job ads increase strongly again

The National Skills Commission Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) preliminary results show online job advertisements increased by 3.6% (9,300 job advertisements) in February 2022, to 269,700. Job advertisements are now at their highest level since August 2008.

Recruitment activity increased across seven jurisdictions, the strongest rise being for Tasmania (6.6%), with the ACT recording a series high of 7,600 job ads. The full state and territory breakdown is:

  • Tasmania, up by 6.6% (200 job ads)
  • South Australia, up by 4.7% (620 job ads)
  • Victoria, up by 4.4% (3,000 job ads)
  • Australian Capital Territory, up by 4.1% (300 job ads)
  • New South Wales, up by 3.8% (3,200 job ads)
  • Western Australia, up by 1.7% (510 job ads)
  • Queensland, up by 1.5% (750 job ads)
  • Northern Territory, down by 0.5% (10 job ads)

Over the past 12 months, there have been 2,912,500 online job advertisements nationally.

The level of recruitment activity nationally remains significantly elevated compared to pre-COVID-19 levels, up by 60.4% (101,600 job ads). This growth is reflected across all jurisdictions, with the strongest gains recorded for Western Australia (up by 88.7%), Tasmania (86.4%) and South Australia (81.4%).

The detailed release of the IVI, including occupational, regional and skill level data, will be available on Wednesday 23 March 2022.