Online job ads rebound in August

Online job ads rebound in August

The NSC’s Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) shows job advertisements for August this year increased by 2.6% (or 7,700 advertisements) to 301,100, after a decline in July. Over the past 12 months there has been sustained growth in recruitment with job advertisements up by 37.7% (or 82,400).

Recruitment activity increased across all states and territories last month except in South Australia (down by 1.6% or 260 job ads), which despite a decline in job advertisements in August 2022 has recorded growth of 23.9% (or 3,000 job ads) over the last twelve months.

The strongest growth in the month was recorded in the Northern Territory, where recruitment activity was up by 11.2% (or 320 job ads), followed by Victoria (up by 8.9% or 6,700 job ads) and Tasmania (up by 4.8% or 210 job ads).

In comparison to recruitment activity before the COVID-19 pandemic, online job advertisements are up by 78.9% (132,800 job ads). This growth is reflected across all states and territories, with increases ranging from 35.0% (2,000 job ads) in the ACT to 154% (2,700 job ads) in Tasmania.

The detailed release of the IVI, including occupational, regional and skill level data, will be available on Wednesday 21 September 2022.