Recruitment difficulty points to continued tight labour market

Recruitment difficulty points to continued tight labour market

Results from the National Skills Commission’s Recruitment Experiences and Outlook Survey point to a continued tight labour market.

Recruitment activity for June 2022 remained high at 58%, just below last month’s record high of 59%.

The rate of recruitment difficulty stood at 67% of recruiting employers (representing 39% of total employers), also slightly below last month’s peak. The rate was slightly higher in Rest of State areas (67%) than in Capital Cities (66%).

Recruitment difficulty has increased for casual positions, with the rate of difficulty increasing from 55% to 61% over the month, compared with a fall from 74% to 69% for non-casual positions.

In June 2022, 15% of employers had increased staffing levels over the past month (an equal high), while 8% had decreased staffing levels.

There has been some easing in future staffing expectations. Some 28% of employers expected to increase staffing levels over the next 3 months, a decline from 32% in May 2022 and from 36% in April 2022.