Social Media recruitment grows as recruitment difficulty increases

Social Media recruitment grows as recruitment difficulty increases

In April 2021, 49% of employers surveyed as part of the Recruitment Experiences and Outlook Survey were currently recruiting or had recruited in the past month, which is a 3 percentage point increase on March 2021.

Recruitment difficulty has reached a new peak, with 54% of recruiting employers reporting they experienced difficulty filling their vacancies.

Staffing increases are expected to continue, with 24% of employers surveyed expecting to increase their staffing levels in the next 3 months.

As part of the report, a spotlight piece has been included on how businesses are recruiting their new staff.

The recruitment methods used by employers are changing over time.

Advertising vacancies on recruitment websites and job boards remains by far the most common method of attracting applicants, used by around one in two employers between August 2020 to April 2021 (49%) and also in 2019 (52%).

However, the use of social media has grown from 14% in 2019 to 22% in the August 2020 to April 2021 period. This is in contrast to the usage of newspapers for recruitment, which has continued to fall, from 8% to 4% over the same period.

The report can be viewed in full here.



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