Forecasting, skills and analysis

Illustration for forecasting skills

At the National Skills Commission we use skills forecasting and analysis to provide data and intelligence about the labour market and current and future skills needs. This allows us to identify an Australian workforce with the right mix of skills for a changing economy, which will help us understand change and maximise opportunities. 

Matching skills and jobs — an introduction to JEDI  

JEDI is a flagship NSC project that will deliver world-leading intelligence on skills needs.  

By harnessing the best and widest range of labour market, skills and education data available, JEDI can identify what skills from a person’s current or previous employment can transfer to different jobs that use similar skills. It also identifies skill gaps between the different jobs recommended before showing VET courses available to fill the gap. 

Using data science, JEDI is pioneering a new approach to skills-based labour market analysis that is helping: 

  • people planning their career and exploring study options  
  • businesses looking at their workforce plan 
  • training providers designing courses. 

JEDI also provides a single comprehensive source of up-to-date information enabling us to provide relevant, timely and accessible information to better understand the needs of a changing economy. 

Building skills profiles with the Australian Skills Classification

As part of the JEDI project, we are building on work from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment to develop a data-driven Australian Skills Classification. This enables exploration of the connections and transferability within, and between, jobs and qualifications.

So far, around 600 skills profiles have been developed for occupations in the Australian labour market. For each of these jobs, the classification presents core competencies, specialised tasks and technology tools.

Skills are a key priority—reskilling can help with transitioning to a different job, upskilling can increase capability in existing jobs and equipping those entering the workforce for the first time with the skills they need to get a job.

The ability to re-train and re-skill throughout a person’s life will be critical to achieving successful transitions between jobs as well as businesses having access to a highly-skilled pool of workers needed for future jobs.

Skills Match combines the rich occupational information on Job Outlook with JEDI data to help people identify skills they may have developed in past jobs, to identify jobs that use similar skills, and to understand the steps they may need to take to make a career transition.

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