Jobs and Education Data Infrastructure (JEDI)

JEDI - harnessing data to unlock Australia's opportunities

Australia's economy is changing.

We are developing intelligence on Australia's labour market, workforce changes and current and emerging skills needs. JEDI is a flagship enabler of this intelligence.

JEDI provides a real-time view of the Australian labour market, drawing complex data from multiple sources into its data engine, and transforming it into meaningful insights for many different users.

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Skills: a common language

Skills underpin the data and enable us to speak in a common language.

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Linking jobs to training

Skills data enables us to find opportunities and link jobs to training and education.

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Forecasting future needs

JEDI enables us to anticipate future needs and adapt to changes in our economy.

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One data engine: many outputs

One data engine feeds multiple applications to help many audiences.

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Australian Skills Classification

We have developed the Australian Skills Classification. Intended to be a 'common language' for skills, the Classification identifies the range of skills linked to occupations, and enables the exploration of the connections and transferability of these skills.

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JEDI is powering several online tools to support individuals navigate a changing labour market: 

  • JobTrainer if you are aged 17-24 or looking for work, you may be able to study a free or low-fee course through JobTrainer. JEDI contributed to the development of a list of JobTrainer courses by mapping the skills in demand by employers and critical to Australia’s economic recovery to qualifications and courses
  • Job Switch – helps you explore jobs you might not have considered and find jobs that you may already have the skills for.
  • Jobs Hub – assists you to find jobs in demand in your location matching your skills.
  • Your Career – the National Careers Institute’s new portal providing Australia’s authoritative source of career information.