Part 1: Labour market impact

Note: the data in this report are accurate at the time of writing (19 June 2020).

This section contains the following subjects:

1.1: Using data to inform recovery

1.2: Significant initial impacts on the Australian labour market

  • Employment and unemployment
  • Hours worked
  • Underemployment
  • Long-term unemployment
  • Impacts on businesses and Single Touch Payroll (STO)
  • Uptake of the JobKeeper Payment scheme

1.3: Demographic impacts

  • Youth impact
  • Gender impact

1.4: Regional impact

1.5: Near-term outlook for the labour market

  • Gradual return of confidence
  • Recruitment survey results
  • Returning to pre-COVID-19 business conditions
  • Job advertisements by region
  • Other measures of job advertisements

1.6: Jobs in demand