Five Year Anticipated Skills Outlook

Five Year Anticipated Skills Outlook

What skills are likely to grow the most?

*Please note: the Australian Skills Classification has been updated and the Computers and electronics Skills Cluster Family has been renamed Digital technologies and electronics

How to use this chart

To use this chart, click on a bubble to drill down to the next level of detail. Hover over a bubble or click on a title in the legend for more information. You can also click ‘Back’ to zoom back out.

There are three levels to the chart.

Skills Clusters Levels

Level 1

The first level shows projected growth in demand for the skills cluster families, with the largest percentage growth towards the top and the smallest towards the bottom. The greatest number of additional hours per week to be spent on the skills cluster families is on the right and the least on the left. The size of the bubbles represents the number of hours spent on each skill across the workforce in a week.

Level 2

Clicking a skills cluster family bubble or title will make the chart show the second level - skills clusters which make up that skills cluster family.

Level 3

Clicking on a skills cluster bubble or title will show the third level - the occupations which use that skills cluster.