Accommodation and Food Services

Australian Jobs 2021

Accommodation and Food Services

Annual Employment Growth (%)

Accommodation and Food Services provides many opportunities for young people looking for their first job, or for mature aged workers looking to re-enter the workforce. Most entry level roles within this industry generally do not need prior experience or qualifications, with more than half of workers having no post-school qualifications. Many occupations also provide flexible hours (around 62% of workers are employed part-time), allowing work around school and other commitments.

Top employing occupations

Occupation This industry All industries
Waiters 109,000 131,700
Kitchenhands 90,800 138,800
Bar Attendants and Baristas 86,300 103,400
General Sales Assistants 75,500 586,200
Chefs 72,600 91,200
Cafe and Restaurant Managers 54,400 65,500
Fast Food Cooks 43,600 44,500
Retail Managers 30,200 262,500
Cafe Workers 28,700 33,100
Cooks 25,000 43,600
Checkout Operators and Office Cashiers 21,000 142,100
Hotel and Motel Managers 18,900 24,700
Commercial Cleaners 16,200 167,000
Receptionists 12,400 164,500
Housekeepers 11,900 28,100
Delivery Drivers 11,100 74,900
Hotel Service Managers 6,400 9,500
Vending Machine Attendants 4,500 6,800
Bakers and Pastrycooks 4,500 39,600
Handypersons 4,200 46,700

Employment in Accommodation and Food Services has rebounded from COVID-19 lows, and the industry continues to provide many jobs. There are employment opportunities within this industry across most occupation groups, and in all states and territories. If you are seeking work in Accommodation and Food Services, consider looking online as 36% of employers in the industry use social media when recruiting.

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