Administrative and Support Services

Australian Jobs 2021

Administrative and Support Services

Annual Employment Growth (%)

Administrative and Support Services is a small but essential industry which covers many services including office administration, debt collection, call centres, travel agencies, building cleaning, pest control and gardening services. Given the top two employing occupations in this industry are cleaner roles, demand for these services is likely to be maintained as businesses increase both the frequency and rigorousness of their cleaning schedules in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Top employing occupations

Occupation This industry All industries
Commercial Cleaners 84,700 167,000
Gardeners 31,700 83,000
Domestic Cleaners 27,900 39,500
Human Resource Professionals 26,200 80,400
Tourism and Travel Advisers 11,000 12,600
General Clerks 12,200 311,200
Garden and Nursery Labourers 11,100 35,500
Packers 9,500 71,300
Conference and Event Organisers 9,400 28,700
Human Resource Managers 7,900 72,000
Call or Contact Centre Workers 7,400 33,600
Handypersons 7,400 46,700
Other Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers 7,000 76,800
Other Cleaners 6,800 10,500
Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Managers 6,200 156,500
Other Miscellaneous Labourers 5,700 70,500
Other Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers 5,500 12,200
Housekeepers 5,000 28,100
Accounting Clerks 4,600 144,100
Information Officers 4,400 88,300

This industry provides good part-time employment opportunities, with 43% of the workforce employed in this manner. Many jobs also do not need post-school qualifications, although some practical experience may be highly regarded by employers. Jobs like cleaning and gardening can be physically demanding and may not be suited to all job seekers.

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