Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

Australian Jobs 2021

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

Annual Employment Growth (%)

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing is an industry largely made up of workers employed in agribusiness. Most are farmers, living in regional Australia and managing their own properties. This is reflected in the high level of self-employment (around one in two workers, the highest percentage of any industry). Around 43% of workers are aged 55 years or older (again, the highest of any industry).

Top employing occupations

Occupation This industry All industries
Livestock Farmers 87,100 90,600
Crop Farmers 40,600 40,800
Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmers 27,200 28,000
Crop Farm Workers 22,400 24,900
Livestock Farm Workers 24,600 27,200
Agricultural, Forestry and Horticultural Plant Operators 10,700 12,500
Bookkeepers 7,800 97,100
Packers 4,900 71,300
Garden and Nursery Labourers 4,900 35,500
Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm Workers 1,300 1,300
Other Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers 4,000 12,200
General Clerks 4,000 311,200
Agricultural and Forestry Scientists 3,600 6,500
Deck and Fishing Hands 2,700 5,400
Truck Drivers 2,400 160,500
Accounting Clerks 2,200 144,100
Retail Managers 2,100 262,500
Animal Attendants and Trainers 1,800 21,500
Office Managers 1,800 115,900

The need for formal qualifications is less common, with around half of this workforce having no post-school qualifications. Instead, practical skills and experience are more highly valued, with many of these skills being learnt on the job. Formal qualifications, though, can be gained through the VET sector which also contributes to this industry’s skills. It is important to note, however, that technologically advanced production systems (i.e. farm automation, artificial intelligence) are becoming more common and the employers who use such systems will require more highly skilled workers.

When looking for work in this industry, seasonal work such as fruit picking is fairly common and may present short-term opportunities for job seekers of all ages.

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