Education and Training

Australian Jobs 2021

Education and Training

Annual Employment Growth (%)

Education and Training is one of Australia’s largest employing industries, and includes teaching occupations across all levels of schools, as well as University Lecturers and Tutors. Around 72% of the workforce is female, the second highest percentage for any industry within Australia. Part-time work is also relatively common (around 40% of workers).

Top employing occupations

Occupation This industry All industries
Primary School Teachers 166,300 178,900
Secondary School Teachers 120,300 121,000
Education Aides 99,100 118,800
University Lecturers and Tutors 59,400 60,400
Private Tutors and Teachers 45,600 51,900
Child Carers 37,100 132,500
General Clerks 36,200 311,200
Vocational Education Teachers 29,600 38,000
Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teachers 27,900 51,100
Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials 25,600 62,700
School Principals 23,100 23,900
Special Education Teachers 17,200 17,800
Education Advisers and Reviewers 18,100 19,800
Commercial Cleaners 15,800 167,000
Other Education Managers 10,800 12,800
Office Managers 10,500 115,900
Counsellors 9,300 25,700
Contract, Program and Project Administrators 9,100 123,000
Receptionists 8,300 164,500
ICT Support Technicians 6,600 61,100

Most people who work in Education and Training have post-school qualifications, with more than two-thirds of workers holding a bachelor degree or higher (the highest of any industry). Reflecting the time taken to gain these qualifications, only 9% of this workforce is aged 15 to 24 years old. While most jobs need a university degree, lower skilled jobs like Education Aides can provide an employment pathway to enter the industry.

In addition, a relatively large share of workers is aged 55 years or older (23%), which suggests retirements will create employment opportunities in this industry over the next decade.

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