Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

Australian Jobs 2021

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

Annual Employment Growth (%)

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services is a large and diverse industry and includes legal and accounting services, veterinary services, and computer system design. Employment is mostly located in capital cities and 65% of jobs are concentrated in New South Wales and Victoria.

This is a highly skilled workforce, with more than 80% holding post-school qualifications. Reflecting the time it takes to attain the required qualifications, a small share of this workforce is young (aged 15 to 24 years old). Workers in the industry are mostly employed as Professionals (62%).

Top employing occupations

Occupation This industry All industries
Accountants 99,200 198,100
Software and Applications Programmers 91,600 150,700
Solicitors 68,800 96,600
Management and Organisation Analysts 44,200 101,500
Advertising and Marketing Professionals 40,700 88,900
Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Managers 35,000 156,500
ICT Support Technicians 33,300 61,100
Graphic and Web Designers, and Illustrators 30,000 54,100
Bookkeepers 28,200 97,100
ICT Managers 27,600 84,400
Architects and Landscape Architects 27,200 46,400
General Clerks 27,100 311,200
Civil Engineering Professionals 25,900 53,000
Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians 18,700 78,200
Database and Systems Administrators, and ICT Security Specialists 18,600 52,800
Computer Network Professionals 17,300 38,600
ICT Business and Systems Analysts 15,600 41,100
Contract, Program and Project Administrators 14,500 123,000
Conveyancers and Legal Executives 14,300 14,600
Office Managers 14,200 115,900

There are opportunities to work as your own boss within this industry, with more than a quarter of the workforce self-employed.

While dependent on the role they are performing, workers in this industry often have scope to work remotely. In December 2020, around half (49%) of the businesses in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services industry still had staff working from home, compared with 16% across all industries.

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