Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services

Australian Jobs 2021

Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services

Annual employment growth (%) 

While Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services is a relatively small industry, it has shown some growth over the past few years. Almost 42% of the workforce are Sales Workers, with Real Estate Sales Agents accounting for most of these.


Top employing occupations This industry All industries
Real Estate Sales Agents 79,800 95,200
General Clerks 10,700 311,200
Other Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers 8,900 76,800
Land Economists and Valuers 8,100 10,500
Office Managers 6,000 115,900

In response to the economic impact of COVID-19, many businesses across all industries accelerated adoption of new technologies (working from home, video conferencing etc). Businesses within Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services are the most likely to have introduced new technologies into their workplaces (51%), likely driven by new leasing and inspection procedures.

Workers in this industry generally have a broad range of qualifications, indicating that employment opportunities exist for people of all skill levels and qualifications. Work is commonly full-time (74%) and employment is evenly split along gender lines.

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