National Skills Commission

Australian Jobs 2021

National Skills Commission

The National Skills Commission (NSC) provides expert advice and national leadership on Australia’s current, emerging and future workforce skills needs. We also play an important role in simplifying and strengthening Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) system.

The NSC researches the jobs market to provide up-to-date information about what’s happening now and into the future. We use data from a wide range of sources, including surveys of employers, and then apply cutting edge data analysis to produce insights. For example, we provide predictions of employment growth by industry, occupation and skills for the next five years, emerging occupations, and also how COVID-19 has impacted jobs in the Australian economy.

The NSC website will help you understand where the jobs in demand are, and what skills are needed to do those jobs.

Skills Priority List

This annual list provides a detailed view of shortages as well as the strength of future demand (strong, moderate or soft) for nearly 800 occupations at a national, state and territory level. This list is developed after wide consultation with stakeholders. It’s published on the NSC website and will be reviewed and updated every year.

Australian Skills Classification

This interactive interface identifies the range of skills linked to 600 occupations. The skill profiles comprise three elements – core competencies, specialist tasks and technology tools.

The classification also identifies common and transferable skills between occupations, and reveals the connections within, and across, occupations at the level of skills.

Nowcast of Employment by Region and Occupation

The Nowcast of Employment by Region and Occupation (NERO), is a new experimental dataset, developed by the National Skills Commission. It provides timely information on employment in 355 occupations across 88 regions in Australia. Until now, this type of data was only readily available every five years as part of the ABS Census of Population and Housing. With NERO, the insights can be produced monthly, searched either by occupation or region.

And Coming Soon, Labour Market Insights

Later this year, the NSC is launching a new website called Labour Market Insights which brings together the latest jobs market data, research and analysis. You will be able to find insights into employer needs, skills in-demand, and the future outlook for jobs in Australia. This website will bring together the detailed occupation profiles you can find now on the Job Outlook website ( and the rich store of local labour market data and research on the Labour Market Information Portal (