School Leavers Information Service

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School Leavers Information Service

Are you looking for tailored career support or guidance? Are you aged between 15 and 24? Did you know that there is a free, dedicated information service available to answer your questions and provide support? You can talk to an Information Officer or book a career guidance session with a qualified career practitioner.

Text, email or call

  • Call 1800 CAREER or 1800 227 337
  • Text SLIS2022 to 0429 009 435

Our information officers will help you:

  • understand the School Leavers Information Kit (SLIK)
  • find and use the Your Career website
  • find the support services for you.

Our qualified career practitioners can take this one step further. You can book a free, 45-minute phone session with someone who understands what you’re going through. They can talk to you about:

  • career planning
  • training and further study
  • looking for work.

Your school is also there to help

If you’re still in school, your career advisor or guidance counsellor can help you work out the right options for you, including information on what’s available in your state or territory.

Help for parents and guardians

To help you start the conversation at home, we have developed the Parents and Guardian’s Guide for School Leavers.

This is available at and has been designed to help you understand options available to support and assist your young person in making their choice after they leave school.

Whether they choose to start working straight away or continue their education and training, or take an alternative pathway such as a gap year.

This guide sits alongside the SLIK and includes information on financial assistance and other support available to your young person.