RTO engagement

The NSC has commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to assist with collecting information and data from selected RTOs on their costs of delivering training.

Deloitte Access Economics will engage with RTOs in consultation with the NSC.

Selected RTOs will be invited to participate in an information and data collection program that involves:

  • attending an initial briefing session
  • completing a cost collection survey Excel-based tool
  • participating in a consultation session with Deloitte Access Economics to work through any questions or gaps in the survey tool.   

There will also be follow up communication with the RTOs once the study is complete, where the NSC will share benchmark data.

If you have any questions about how you can contribute to the study, please email NSCEfficientPricing@deloitte.com.au.

What was the process and method for selecting RTOs to participate in this study?

The NSC commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to develop a sample based on key RTO characteristics such as provider type, size and geography. A quality benchmark may also be applied to identify appropriate providers to sample.

The study will help ensure the chosen pricing model reflects the actual costs incurred by providers. By participating, RTOs will contribute to the evidence base from which efficient prices are developed and have access to benchmark data that will assist them to benchmark their own cost structures.

What type of data and information will be collected from RTOs?

RTOs will be asked to provide data and information relevant to the cost of their delivery of VET qualifications. This includes qualification-specific costs and other costs, such as central and capital costs that are allocated to a qualification. RTOs will also be asked to provide information on levels of training activity by qualification and information on student cohorts and the costs of any specific programs provided to those cohorts. RTOs will also be asked to provide information about the costs associated with delivering a range of VET courses in regional, rural and remote locations.

This will allow the NSC to produce price estimates that take account of the varying costs of delivering training to different cohorts of students, in different locations and in different modes.

The NSC will take into account choice and access to VET across regional, rural and remote Australia in particular in its efficient price framework. Wherever possible, NSC and Deloitte Access Economics will attempt to pre-fill data to minimise the response burden on RTOs.