Jobs and Education Data Infrastructure (JEDI)

Jobs and Education Data Infrastructure (JEDI)

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JEDI is an initiative of the National Skills Commission to provide the data infrastructure and capabilities to generate meaningful insights on skills for many different users.

JEDI does this by defining skills underpinning jobs and using this as the base to connect jobs, education and training.

One data engine: many outputs

One data engine feeds multiple applications to help many audiences.

JEDI is powering several online tools to support individuals navigate a changing labour market: 

  • JobTrainer – if you are aged 17-24 or looking for work, you may be able to study a free or low-fee course through JobTrainer. JEDI contributed to the development of a list of JobTrainer courses by mapping the skills in demand by employers and critical to Australia’s economic recovery to qualifications and courses
  • Job Switch – helps you explore jobs you might not have considered and find jobs that you may already have the skills for.
  • Jobs Hub – assists you to find jobs in demand in your location matching your skills.
  • Your Career – the National Careers Institute’s new portal providing Australia’s authoritative source of career information.