Skills Priority List

Skills Priority List

What is the Skills Priority List?

The National Skills Commission (NSC) has responsibility for regularly reviewing the national skills needs of Australia and producing a Skills Priority List (SPL). The SPL provides a current labour market rating and a future demand rating for occupations nationally.

Current labour market ratings are available for occupations at a state and territory level. The future demand rating (available nationally) is a proportional measure that expresses the prospects for an occupation relative to that occupation’s size. The SPL provides the backbone piece of labour market analysis on occupations that will help inform NSC advice on a range of labour market issues. It is important to note that the SPL alone will not be the only input into NSC advice as we will also need to consider other information relevant to specific issues. The evidence supporting the development of this list (the SPL) includes labour market data analysis, employer surveys, stakeholder consultation with industry bodies and federal and state/territory government agencies, as well as consideration of other available sources of data and information. The SPL and related documents are available, and provide additional detail and information:


While the SPL will be updated annually, the NSC is keen to remain across any changes to the labour market for occupations as they occur, especially considering the ongoing impact of COVID-19. The NSC welcomes input on the SPL year-round as part of our continual review process. Submissions can be provided to


Skilled Prioritiy List - June 2021.xlsx
Skilled Priority List - June 2021
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Skills Priority List Occupation List_0.pdf
2021 Skills Priority List
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What will the SPL be used for?

The SPL will help policy makers understand the skills needs of the Australian economy and may be used to inform a range of labour market advice the NSC provides. The SPL will be publicly available for any or all Government agencies or stakeholders to use.

Who is the survey for?

The SPL stakeholder survey is targeted towards peak bodies, industry groups, professional organisations, unions and regional representative bodies. We are seeking to gauge the issues and concerns employer members may be facing through their respective representative body. If you or other representative bodies would like to be included in this process, please let us know by emailing

Can I meet with the NSC?

In addition to the survey, we are happy to engage with stakeholders on an ongoing basis. Please email us at to request a meeting. We acknowledge continuing restrictions around social distancing may impact on our ability to safely engage with you in person, so we will engage with you in the most effective way possible via online platforms or teleconference.

What sort of information are you looking for?

You are in the best position to help us understand the skills needs of the industry, occupation or region you represent. We are primarily looking for information on where employers are having difficulty filling positions and the likely future demand for occupations. However, if there is something important that we need to know about an occupation when we undertake the consultation process, please tell us. We are particularly interested in finding new sources of reliable labour market data. The NSC complies with all relevant provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (the Privacy Act) and the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act. The NSC sits with the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. The department’s privacy page can be found at: and includes key information regarding how we handle your personal information. If you have any questions about the confidentiality of your information and data collected in this process, please email at or call +61 2 2649 0393.

Will there be a regional focus?

While we are consulting nationally, we are ensuring that we engage with regional representative bodies such as Regional Development Australia committees.

Will there be future consultation on the SPL?

This is an ongoing process with a twice-yearly survey.


If you would like to know more about the process, or have any questions about the SPL, you can email us directly at

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