Validating emerging occupations

To validate emerging occupations, the NSC used unit record data from the ABS quarterly Labour Force surveys (from 2014 to 2019) to ensure that the proposed emerging occupations are understood by people in the labour market and are substantially different from existing ANZSCO occupations.

The NSC considered the survey’s text fields for occupation title, task and industry, in combination with text mining techniques to search for titles, alternative titles and skills. The outcome was then qualitatively reviewed to ensure that the data sample described the occupation properly.

Text mining and statistical analysis of the Labour Force microdata (2014 to 2019) and Employee Earnings and Hours microdata (2018) outputs were used to create occupation profiles for each emerging occupation, showing employment size and other demographic characteristics. Burning Glass Technologies job advertisement data was used to determine in-demand skills. In order to produce reliable and representative occupation profiles, we required the data sample size to be at least 30 unit records for ABS microdata, and at least 100 job ads for Burning Glass Technologies data. We also used a two-year moving average method to smooth employment size data over time.