VET Pricing and Performance

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Building a better Vocational Education and Training System

Australia’s current, emerging and future workforce skills needs will rely on a high performing VET system.

We provide research and analysis on:

  • the development of efficient prices for VET courses
  • the public and private return on government investment in VET qualifications
  • the performance of Australia’s system for providing VET
  • opportunities to improve access, skills development and choice for regional, rural and remote Australia in relation to VET.

We are working closely with states and territories to develop and maintain a set of efficient prices for VET courses, including the cost drivers and public and private returns. An efficient and effective price is one that promotes quality teaching and creates job ready candidates. Not just the lowest price.

Core to our work is the consideration of quality, and the price that needs to be paid to secure training that delivers students with the skills employers need and sets students up for a valuable career. This also means students are better informed about employment needs and confident that they are paying appropriate fees for their qualification. In doing this we will safeguard the sector—driving improved outcomes at a regional and national level.

Our work will deliver long-lasting benefits for the sector improving transparency, consistency and accessibility for students, business and industry.