Where do you look for a job?

The first step on the road to employment is finding a job. But where are jobs listed? Employers often use a number of methods to find candidates and below are some of the most common methods used.


Many employers use the internet to advertise jobs. This includes their own company website, or job search websites like Australian Job Search.


Tailor your résumé and application for each different job you apply for. This helps you stand out from others who may use the same résumé and application every time. 

Social media

More and more employers are using social media to hire workers. Look out for ads posted on business pages, or in Facebook job groups. 


Don’t forget about the humble newspaper—many employers still advertise their job openings in in the classifieds section. 


Word of Mouth

Employers often ask people they know to ‘spread the word’ about an available position, or even ask current staff if they know someone who would fit the role. 


Approach employers

Many job seekers approach employers to ask if they have any jobs open or to drop off their résumé. Employers often consider these job seekers for current or future opportunities.